The RotaChock is a recent development focusing on all sectors and industries where large machinery and engines need accurate alignment - from shipping to mining and metalworking, and from petrochemicals to the transport sector.


The RotaChock comes into its own where other products stop. The careful thinking behind its design put this chock miles ahead of the field. Click here for more details.

If you would like to learn more about the RotaChock or if you would like to receive more information about machinery setup and alignment in industrial or shipping applications, then our staff will be pleased to assist you

Meet the RotaChock Block Type

RotaChock advances machinery mounting technology by introducing the RotaChock BlockType. The RotaChock BlockType adds to our extensive line of mechanical chocks. The RotaChock BlockType incorporates our self leveling, adjustable and reusable features into a full face chocking solution. 

The RotaChock BasicLine is economical, easy to install and has an exemplary history in the field. Our SlimLine and Tall-Line configurations increase our gap ranges to offer the same economy and robust technology for standard mounting configurations. 

However, we recognize certain machines are manufactured with mounting feet that require full bearing support. Examples are extremely large electric motors, some compressors, a few pumps and machines that need more support when environmental forces need to be distributed back to the machine. We now have the mounting solution with the BlockType chock configuration that can be configured to meet the needs of the customer. 

blocktype1 blocktype2

The RotaChock BlockType steps towards answering the needs of the most severe configurations and applications. Our approach is to meet the technical requirements for rigidly mounted machines, minimize or eliminate foundation milling and provide the


The RotaChock can for example be used to set up and align the following types of machinery or equipment correctly:

ball mills, coker drums, compressors, conveyor belts, cooling tower fans, defibrators, electric motors, engines, extruders, fans, generators, grinding mills, (hydrodynamic) transmissions, induced draft fans, lathes, mixers, mobile cranes, presses, pumps, rolling mills, separators, steam and gas turbines, wind turbines.

RotaChock\'s experience includes the following sectors: chemistry, energy, mechanical engineering, mining and metals, paper, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, pipelines, refining, shipping, transport, water/wastewater.


RotaChock SlimLine